Bad News

Jannike Stelling

2018 - Ongoing

The work represents a collection of preventive measures that are undertaken by both the state and the private sector in order to feel safe and to secure the general society in Germany.

Today‘s instinct of self-preservation may or may not be irrational in some implementations. What is exaggerated and what is justified? How do people deal with the fear of terrorism and the prospect of catastrophes? – In a country that is safe from the outside. Why are we shaken so fast?

Reality and fiction are linked in the pictures to represent and question a complex view of our world. What is real and what may based on subjective feelings?

The ongoing series with the title „BAD NEWS“ refers to these various questions and gives a suggestive impression of our time in Germany (Europe).

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  • guardian angel

  • sanitary products

  • monitoring

  • water supply

  • vested

  • knife

  • police exercise

  • public address system

  • self-protection

  • common room

  • self-defence a

  • self-defence b

  • prepper a

  • prepper b

  • suburb

  • town square

  • hotel

  • military

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