To Move The Sun and Earth Away

Jošt Dolinšek

2019 - 2020

"To Move the Sun and Earth Away" is a photographic and sound project that asks questions on perspective bias and the human perception of environment as something completely alienated from us. How people hide and reveal the truth? How do we struggle to accept evident problems and why do we sometimes rather live in denial? When did fear prevail and how does awareness of the crisis make us anxious? The said questions intrigued me and led me to the concept of dualisms. The physical installation form came from there — to question the sense and bias originating in omnipresent dualisms, such as truth vs. falsity, hiding vs. revealing, accepting vs. avoiding & denying and fact vs. fiction. The mirrors in front of images, present only in physical installation, play a role of blurring and preventing the one-sided view of images and enable practically infinite different perspectives and perceptions of photographs.

The work itself is not about any environmental crisis of past, present or future. These are just consequences of what I was interested in. What I am questioning with this series are reasons for these anomalies, how people cope with them and what feelings do they trigger. Selected photographs, paired with sound, depict an atmosphere and a feeling of decaying inanimate nature. Soundscapes, presented in the form of spectrograms, originate from field recordings and were later arranged into new pieces. When will we be finally confronted with the questions on our stance on nature and (self-)deceit?

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