Josh Adam Jones

2018 - Ongoing


Josh set out to unearth and communicate stories about the expatriate communities of Muscat in Oman. XO concentrates on the relationship between local people and outsiders, with an emphasis on human aspects of the Middle East.

With over forty-five percent of the population falling into the expatriate category, Muscat plays host to a rich, diverse and colourful culture. The hospitality and generosity shown by the people of Oman was overwhelming, and Josh was fortunate enough to work alongside people within The British Embassy and Oman Tourism College.

This project was partly a response to Western misconceptions of the East, and misrepresentations of Oriental values and beliefs. Oman is a peaceful and prosperous country; a sanctuary from the conflicts that affect that part of the world.

Since beginning this project, Josh has been working on a group project with Ffotogallery in Wales and the British Council. 'The Place I Call Home' is focussed primarily on the Arabic diaspora living in the U.K. and British people living in the Gulf.

Alongside eleven other artists' work, XO will be exhibited throughout the GCC and in the U.K. too. Photography and lens based media will be used as a vehicle for addressing social issues such as migration, identity and (in)equality.

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  • Abdullah. Shaati Beach. Muscat, Oman.

  • Children playing on Shatti Beach. Muscat, Oman.

  • Loai. Near Al Suwayq. Muscat, Oman

  • Grounds Workers. The British Embassy. Muscat, Oman.

  • Kamila. Oman Tourism College. Muscat, Oman.

  • Wadi Football Pitch. Muscat, Oman.

  • FMR Captain Abdulrauf. Haramel, Oman.

  • Farid & Akbar. The British Embassy. Muscat, Oman.

  • Qurum Park Gardens. Muscat, Oman.

  • HM Sultan Qaboos’ Yachts. Muscat Port, Oman.

  • Jacob. MQ. Muscat, Oman.

  • Israa. The British Embassy. Muscat, Oman.

  • Muscat Expressway. Muscat, Oman.

  • Anne. Oman Tourism College. Muscat, Oman.

  • Ahmed. Near Al Suwayq. Muscat, Oman

  • Rakesh & Joy. PDO Private Beach. Muscat, Oman.

  • MQ. Muscat, Oman.

  • Alex, Tasha & Angus. Shatti Beach. Muscat, Oman.

  • Dishdasha on Shatti Beach. Muscat, Oman.

  • Ali. Near Al Suwayq. Muscat, Oman.