Ongoing series

Jonny Briggs

2011 - Ongoing

In search of lost parts of my childhood I try to think outside the reality I was socialised into and create new ones with my parents and self. When I was younger, my Father went through difficulties with his mental health and with alcohol, and the work now operates as a means to connect, and compensate for times lost, in coming to terms with his illness. I like to use photography to explore my relationship with deception, the constructed reality of the family, and question the boundaries between my parents and I, between child/adult, self/other, nature/culture, real/fake in attempt to revive my unconditioned self, beyond the family bubble. Although easily assumed to be photoshopped or faked, upon closer inspection the images are often realised to be more real than first expected. Involving staged installations, the cartoonesque and the performative, I look back to my younger self and attempt to re-connect with my Father, and re-capture childhood nature through my assuming adult eyes.

This grant will help me to realise more masks milled from wood, that will look further at mental health issues within my family, with the hope that my personal experience may be extrapolated to others' experiences. I am keen to make masks that close around different parts of my body, pushing them in to different positions. I have one mask idea of an ellipsoid of my mother's face, out of 8 parts, that are worn by my hands instead of my head. When worn, the mask (being milled from a 3d scan to the exact proportions of my hands) will push my hands in to prayer position. In order to hold together, these will be pushed from 8 hands of different family members. I often see these 3D scans as 3D photographs. These will go to form a new series of photographs, that I would love to exhibit alongside the masks themselves, in order to create a dynamic display in a multi disciplinary approach to photography.

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  • Dummy - my teeth underbiting a photograph of my Mother, 2018

  • Puncture (photo of Father held to broken furniture with acupuncture needles), 20 x 25 x 18cm, 2018

  • Attachment (Photographs of Grandma and Father, held together with chewing gum), 15 x 15cm, 2018

  • Consuming (Fork holding a photograph of my Grandparents' grave to the ceiling) 2018

  • The Silent Image (My ear poking through a photograph of Freud's garden, pointing at my opposite ear, milled from solid rock), 2018

  • Lucem Demonstrat Umbra, (Photograph of Freud's Study with circle cut out, moved along and re-photographed with powerful flash behind, that shines through lunate hole) 2018, 90 x 134cm

  • Reclaiming, 2011 --- Father and self wearing wooden mask of Father's head 106 x 156cm Photography; C-type Lambda print, framed in white

  • The Kiss, 2011 --- Wooden mask of Father's head with void of my own head smiling inside 32 x 32 x 150cm Object; Steamed pear wood, split plinth

  • The Empathetic vs. The Mimic, 2011 --- 108 x 133cm Photography; C-type lambda print

  • A Simulated Rise and Fall, 2017

  • Natural Inside, 2011 --- Self wearing up-scaled latex mask of my Father's head 88 x 88cm Photography; C-type Lambda print

  • Conditioned Conviction (self within up-scaled mask of Mother's head, within luminous green painted triangle), Mounted and framed as a triangle) 112 x 90cm, 2019

  • Into the Black, 126 x 121cm, 2011, Photography; C-type Lambda print aluminium

  • Un-seeing, 115 x 180cm, 2012, Photography; C-type Lambda print, framed
    in black

  • Consuming a Grief That's Yet To Come (Mother's fingers penetrating photograph of my Father), 2017

  • I Can't See You (Mother's fingers over the eyes of my Father), 2019

  • Tangents (My eye looking through cut photographs of my Father and Grandfather), 60 x 65cm, 2019

  • Comfort Object, 2012 --- My Father and self wearing prosthetic mask of my Father's head 80 x 80cm Photomontage; 5 C-type Lambda prints, aluminium mounted and box framed

  • Schisms series, Sister's head upon my body, Adapted family photographs, 2011

  • Order, ordered, disorder, 2016, Photography, 110 x 77cm