Childhood Lost

Justyna Neryng

2011 - 2015

Childhood Lost is an autobiographical project, self portrait in a different body, exploring the nature of portraiture and memory. As a mother I have found myself analysing notions and representations of childhood. I see my daughter’s experiences of growing up in urban England conflicting with my own experiences of growing up in rural Poland. I must confess that my own childhood was not a source of many happy memories, perhaps the most resonant of which are the times I escaped to a world of fantasy played out in the forests surrounding my home village of Chelmsko. I have produced a series of portraits that evoke characters that populate this world we know as childhood. A court of characters from myth and dreams. The images are aesthetically inspired by portraiture from the Golden Age of Dutch painting. By drawing on paintings as inspiration I am hoping to give a timeless feel to the images. Key to the project is the painstaking styling and costume making, which I am using to evoke these different persona played out by my daughter Nell.

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