All that is Solid Melts to Air

Jake Nemirovsky

2020 - Ongoing

Australia; Victoria, Australia

All that is Solid Melts to Air is an expanded documentary work that emerges from the all-pervading sense of precarity that saturates contemporary consciousness. Ominous moments are drawn together into a foreboding narrative of non-specific anxiety; an overarching, post millennial uneasiness. Drawing on the language of cinema, the work moves between the real and non-real, between certainty and doubt, attempting to seek out meaning in a reality that is increasingly destabilised by the echo chambers of social media, mainstream media, advertising and political rhetoric. The work forms out of a process of wandering and getting lost, the camera pricking the surface of the visual world to reveal new perspectives on the lived experience. The work seeks to blur distinctions between the real and the fictional, reassessing documentary image-making conventions in light of an unfolding, post-truth world.

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