Tarik, Chapter One

Julia Marino

2019 - Ongoing

Four years ago, I met Midhat. He and his family had immigrated to The Netherlands from Bosnia as refugees in the 90s. Though they now call The Netherlands home, his family held expectations that their son would meet and settle with a Bosnian girl. Their initial hopes for Midhat were a challenge we had to overcome. I wanted to understand this perspective, so I set out to learn and experience their home country, it’s history and current situation.

Four years have passed, and at this time I have visited Bosnia, I’ve spent time with his family and listened to their stories. I have a newfound respect for their passion for maintaining ties to their origin. This project is my way of honoring their story.

Tarik, Chapter One.

Tarik was the first family member that Midhat introduced me to. Though his family judged our relationship, Tarik was the only one who supported our love. For Tarik, looking at his brother is like looking in the mirror as he knows that this same situation is what awaits him in the future.

The family of both brothers expect them to eventually move back to Bosnia. But

starting a new life in their country of origin is something the two don’t see happening.

However, fighting against these expectations is what brings them closer together.

There are lots of unanswered questions about their future. Questions they cannot ask their family. Without a blueprint for this journey, they are set to figure it out alone, together.

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  • Midhat & Taik, 2019

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