A strange attraction

Jade Joannès

2019 - Ongoing


“A strange attraction” is a documentary series inviting the gaze to return to childhood.  She confronts the complexity of an adult consciousness with the imaginary and innocent world of childhood.  Started in 2019, it traces my explorations in my native region, Oise and my region of residence, the North, in France.  In a duality of places, between interior and exterior, private and public spaces, I went in search of anecdotes and visual poetry.  Through silent photographs where only traces of human presences remain, I first focused on what lay in the suggestion, in an emotional rather than a rational way.  Objects and events come to life, they arouse intrigue, surprise, wonder, and send us back to our own imaginations.

The border between the consciousness of the adult and that of childhood is sometimes thin.  Here it lies in the interpretation of the images.  Rationally, it is in these countryside and these cities where objects accumulate, the streets darken and the fields catch fire, that these photographs raise more engaged questions, more social, cultural, environmental or political.  They depict this marvelous and unsuspected side that we can find in the reality in which another more complex reality reveals changing places, impacted by the action of man on his environment, whether intimate or common. 

This series also questions us about the way in which images are perceived, by their multiplicity of interpretation and by their capacity to deliver or pose answers.

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  • The gate, 2020

  • The white smoke, 2020

  • The bottles, 2019

  • The wall, 2020

  • The dictionary, 2021

  • The car, 2021

  • The ghost, 2019

  • The computer, 2021

  • The castle, 2020

  • The ground, 2020

  • The stairs, 2020

  • The door, 2020

  • The tree, 2020

  • The drawing 2, 2021

  • The drawing 1, 2021

  • The black smoke, 2020

  • The house, 2020