Published on 30th January 2019

Revising History

  • She made sure to tell me to keep smiling. 2018

  • Every photographer provided an opportunity. 2018

  • A girl as pretty as you doesn't need any words at all, 2018

  • The insurance agent told me to have my husband or my father call him. 2017

  • It was finally my day! 2015

  • They hired a few of us for the debut of egalitarian architecture in Chicago, 2017

  • The director knocked twice, 2017

  • I was a vendor of drink but not love, 2018

  • I met the man of my future modeling in the Car of Tomorrow, 2018

  • I have never been good at handling unwarranted attention, 2015

  • I was not the thinnest, nor the prettiest, but I was the winner! 2015

Revising History

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  • jennifer greenburg
  • women's issues
  • historical revisionism
  • social practice
  • women's rights
  • post-modernist photography
  • post-fact photography
  • revisionism
  • gender inequality
  • beauty as a method of advancement for women
  • beauty as power
  • photography as a tool for revisionism
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