Jiehao Su

2012 - 2015

Borderland is an ongoing project deeply rooted in my personal history. I left the place where I grew up and started a long journey within China eventually after my mother died when I was just 18 year old. After a few years of living a nomadic life, I gradually began to yearn for a sense of belonging, as well as the self-awareness of identity. I gave birth to Borderland in 2012, as I revisited some familiar and nostalgic places that related to my past. The images comprise my obsession with the boundaries between reality and imaginary, present experience and memory, isolation and belonging. I use both fiction and non-fiction as themes in my work to rebuild my self-awareness by trying to represent a version of homeland, as well as finding comfort through reconnection to the past. In this sense, Borderland is an intimate work of remembrance, tenderness and self-consolation.

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