Cherry Wood, "Serenatas" and "Preludes"

Jorge Herrera

2021 - Ongoing

Honduras; Canada; United States

Jorge Arturo Herrera Nunez, a.k.a. Cherry Wood, is an artist that explores geographical, cultural, and psychological boundaries, including the politics of race, language, aerial and terrestrial frontiers, and self-made puns. Wood holds an M.F.A and a B.F.A. in Visual Arts, concentrating on sculpture, photography, and performance art. His work has been exhibited and presented in galleries, museums, and performance art festivals, including at the Venice International PERFORMANCE ART WEEK, in Italy and Canada's Museum of London. Wood’s work has been funded by organizations including the Foundation for Contemporary Arts, NALAC, The Ontario Arts Council, and Red Bull Arts.

The new iteration, Serenatas, and preludios fit within the narrative of Cherry Wood by conceptually or literally reinterpreting sexually charged terminology in the English language, using food, sound, and performance. Serenatas traditionally represent an act of love, birth, and death, especially in Latin American culture. The singing of a song captivates the soul of the one we might be fond of, for example. In my character story, Cherry Wood dissembles these concepts in a way, including the reinterpretation of the fallacious form, pleasurable postures, and camera gaze.

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