state of state

Jörg Gläscher

2018 - 2020

Any real democracy can be recognized today by its clear separation of powers into the legislative, executive and judiciary branches of government. A separate government institution is responsible for each of these powers, which should work independently from each other and keep each other in check. This model of governance can be recognized in states all over the world, but is increasingly becoming the subject of intense questioning. The idea of “state” is also a significant one and one that is often abused, misinterpreted and distorted. But a state is not just an unfeeling institution, and is by no means just a machine with binary codes, which can only recognize 0 and 1. A state is given life by its people, and any activity — or lack there of — always arises from them. The project “state of state” uses photographic techniques to examine the idea of “state” by focusing on state employees in each of the three powers of government in various countries. One of the aims of the project is to assign an image to the idea of “State”, to give it a face. With this in mind, I photograph state employees of the three powers of government worldwide, in the politics, justice and police sectors. The aim of the project is to produce a series of photographs that give a face to the idea of “State”through portraits of state employees, accompanied by photographic documentations of they're working day. The question of what a state really is and what is hidden behind the stereotypical idea of “the State” has never been more exciting. On a global level, it is important not to define a state as “Merkel," „Trump“ or even “the Russians”. Now seems like the perfect time for a photographic examination of the idea of “state” across various different countries.

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  • Glas plate with ink for fingerprint detection of prisinors. The plate is covered with ink, then the fingerprints are taken for registration. Local Police station Porayar, Tranquebar, Tamil Nadu, India.

  • Nino Chkhetia, Assistance of Mirian Katamadze, Mayor of Kobuleti, in her office in Cityhall Kobuleti Gerorgia.

  • Paris, Police unit under heavy attack during yellow vest movement demonstration againts president Marons plans to change french social system. Paris, France,

  • Robert Thompson, City Manager of the City of Nogales at the opening of the Light Parade 2019 in Nogales Arizona, USA

  • European court of Human Rights, Grand Chamber, Big Brother Watch and Others v. the United Kingdom in front of the Grand Chamber. Lawyer representing the goverment of the United Kingdom discussing a case during a break in the hearing of the Eurpean Court of human rights. Straßbourg, France.

  • Police officer Habukali Mainza, has a second job working in a private shift securing a large rice mill, Lusaka, Zambia

  • Mirian Katamadze, Mayor of Kobuleti, working in his office in Cityhall Kobuleti Gerorgia.

  • Ni Putu Eka Wiryastuti, the Regent of Tabanan (Mayor) Bali, in the middle of the students of SMAN 1 Kediri, Tabanan. This dance is her offerings to the Mother Earth, as her appreciation for Ratu Segara, . Bali, Indonesia.

  • Police officer Nikolett Perei patrolling at the Ásotthalom Schengen Border Crossing Point. Border fence between Hungary EU and Serbia NON EU, Ásotthalom, Hungary

  • Police officer John Casteneda (left), Flagstaff police, arresting a
    suspicious man for possible
    domestic violence. Red yellow light comes from nearby streetlamps. Flagstaff Arizona, USA.

  • Members of Petauke Town council preparing for the monthly city meeting in city hall of Petauke, Zambia

  • Miles Samba, city mayor, during a break in a city council meeting, Petauke, Zambia.

  • Police officer Rut Herner Konradsdottir, Iceland, district police Akureyri, day shift, self defense training. Akureyri, Iceland.

  • Assistant of police, P.Balakrishnan keeping the dangerous water free of visitors of the Kaanum Pongal celebration, District Police, Kardaikal, Pondicherry, India.

  • Judge Bambang Budi Mursito, S.H., M.H., the Presiding Judge on the district court Jakarta for a “beating to death” case. 5 men were arrested for murdering a taxi driver. District court, Jakarta, Indonesia.

  • Physical training and relaxing area, Cipinang district prison, built for max. 300 prisioners, now filled up with nearly 2000 humans, Jarkarta, Indonesia,

  • Court session, Zambian Chief system, Micheal Sangu Tembo, senior chief kalindawalo number 4, is helding a court session, to judge about small differencies between civilians of the sorounding villages. near Petauke, Zambia

  • City Council meeting of the City of Chicago in City Hall, discussing the administrative procedure of the liberation of canabis use from 1.1.2020 on. Chicago USA.

  • Judge André Potocki, dicussing judical affairs during a coffe break of a hearing at the European court of Human Rights, Grand Chamber, case Big Brother Watch and Others v. the United Kingdom. Straßbourg, France.

  • Police officer Philipp Arndt (left), and colleagues from the 37th. Police Station, putting a mental confused man under arrest who was attaching them with a knife. Hamburg, Germany.