Beyond the Boundary

Jayde Gibbons

2018 - 2019


Bermuda is recognised on a global scale for our pink sand beaches, white roofs and crystal clear waters. I've been approached by visitors on multiple occasions asking what the locals do and where can they go to experience Bermudian "Culture". To anyone visiting my home in the summer months, I would always recommend an Eastern County Game. Each year, three cricket matches are held between the four Eastern County teams for the cup and bragging rights. Most players of their respected teams grew up in the same neighbourhood that they play for. Cricket being a huge part of Bermudian Culture, attending the Eastern Country Cricket matches is family tradition for most islanders from the east end. Unlike the annual cup match classic which has become commercialised in recent years, the eastern county games (Pronounced "Cunny" by the locals) has managed to maintain it's reputation of being the heart of the true Cricket Culture in Bermuda. A typical day at a County game consists of plenty food, alcohol, sun and gambling. The images selected are normal sights seen at the match. From Bo professing his love for Cleveland County of Devils Hole, a proud father with his son who scored 100 runs for his team or winning big at the Crown and Anchor tables, the atmosphere of these games cannot be duplicated. Beyond the boundary focuses more on the shenanigans taking place off the cricket field opposed to the actual cricket match.

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  • Tea Break

  • Family Ties

  • Day at the Office

  • Aunt Pam

  • Bay Boys

  • Photo-op

  • Little Legend

  • Up she comes

  • Topped up

  • Warriors

  • Foundation

  • Full Hot

  • Pay day

  • Generations

  • Mohawks

  • Half a century

  • Bo for Mayor

  • Mighty Flatts

  • Flatts Victoria