Naked Truth

Jennifer Folsom

2017 - Ongoing

Colorado, United States

Naked Truth is about defining my role as a woman in the most intimate of spaces. I photograph men, unclothed, in their homes. My models are men I have met through online dating sites and at the time the images are made we are relative strangers. Through this project, I have been able to document and reveal details about these men that might be disguised in more common social encounters. The tattoos and scars on their bodies, the pictures on their walls, and the details of their living spaces opened doors to conversation and exploration. By creating a protocol for engagement, I was able to disrupt cultural rules and bypass the established rituals of the mating dance. This opened a path to where I feel most comfortable – behind the lens of my camera.

Entering into an interaction from this stance creates a dynamic that frees both parties to play and to consider and challenge the societal rules that confine our exchanges. What I discovered was that many of these encounters opened a unique intimacy between artist and subject. The images evolve as our interactions do, creating a series that begins to reveal and unravel men and their nakedness. Naked Truth explores the culture of power dynamics, breaking from traditional rules and allowing for an exploration of interactions where the stereotypical tropes of looking and being seen are questioned. Can gendered roles truly be reversed? What does feminine power look like? The further I take this work, the more I learn about men, myself and the connections between us.

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