Bringing the invisible visible

jessica de vreeze

2018 - Ongoing

In a few words : Empower and educated, liberate the choice of women, inspire to volunteer, and thank the women for their choices, recognize their contribution to the world.

“I like to tell stories about everyday heroes who build bridges and break barriers. I capture people in empty scenes and spaces and uncover their souls by photographing their actions.

“My new body of work focus on women in their daily lives. I am fortunate to be part of a generation of women that has choices and individual rights; we can decide to have a career and support our families. In all cultures, women share the struggle of finding the balance between dreams, ambitions, reality, family, work and volunteering. I needed to tell our story, as it relates to me as well. I finally understood how to give a voice to many women preceding us and the generations to come. I could reveal their lives and remove the cloak of invisibility society places on us.

“For the project, I decided to profile 12 women. To magnify their impact, I decided to show these women out of context, contrasting them with singers, boxers, artists, dancers celebrities, business leaders and politicians, (people under the spotlight).

“My first five profiles are American women born in Israel, Brazil, Cape Verde Islands, USA, the project explores what they have in common. All are educated, generous and hard-working. They paused their careers to step up for their families, and at the same time, gave back to their communities and the causes they embrace. While many people benefit from the fruits of their work, few people realize the amount of work they have been doing silently behind the scenes. They bridge gaps and unite people. They never stop or think about how much they are doing; they just do it because it makes a difference.

Bringing the invisible visible will be exhibited in public to empower, educate, inspire, liberate the choice of women, thank the women for their choices recognizing their contribution.

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