Junli Chen

2017 - 2018

New York City, New York, United States

My work Richard is a series of still-life that recreated my 12 years’ experiences in boarding school in China. Through my time there, I understood the significance of self-censorship. The process of hiding stories behind the objects is a reaction or echo towards the education system in China, which is very conservative and strict. The images also reflect the multicultural experiences in schools under circumstances that various objects memorably pertain to viewers with diversely cultural identities. The daily life articles are presented by me in abnormal ways, as codes I embed in these items like the colorful skins cover the dark anecdotes. Therefore, the objects were sugar-coated in a lo-fi commercial aesthetics to fabricate my thinking process under, presumably, a peculiar appearance of the images. A fleeting encounter between the viewers and the photographs is what I pursue, as they are to be struck by the unusual look of the mundane objects in a limited context. The moment the images are met by the eyes of the beholders, along with their silence, reflect people's indifference in an image-filled world.

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  • The Sad Girl

  • The Sad Girl #02

  • Fall

  • Urine Shampoo

  • Drink It

  • Prank #03

  • Headlock

  • Prank #02

  • Hiding

  • Pee

  • Blackmail

  • Scuffle

  • Campus

  • You Are So Cute

  • Prank #01

  • Friday

  • Nightmare

  • Color Weakness

  • Prank #04

  • Richard