Junwei Chen

2018 - Ongoing

City of London, England, United Kingdom

My curiosity about the environment and materiality prompted me to capture these momentary, conscious images. They are fragmented, yet like suspended, silent, slow poetic processes that project the fluidity and anticipation of matter. The absence of the body creates a strong sense of presence in the work. The impact of modern life is a daily assault on the senses, and I seek out all the smells produced by everyday life and the city, as well as the hidden, overlooked, re-edited visual cues that remind me of what was and what is happening now. The metaphorical everyday materiality of the images produces interesting or absurd frictions that may be overlooked by most fast-paced walkers, and I value these frictions as they give me a new perspective to interpret the objects themselves and the images themselves. The impulse fuelled by a curiosity about the landscape around me makes me unconsciously and habitually pull my phone out of my pocket quickly and tap the screen without much thought. I hope these images make people slow down and take a moment to rethink how objects, environments, textures, smells and emotions are represented and reproduced in everyday life.

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