Conversations with Myself

Jo Ann Chaus

2017 - 2020

The images I've presented here are an excerpt from Conversations with Myself, a series of staged self portraits, in which I perform as a mid century woman, appropriating the garb and demeanor of my mother’s generation, a woman of the mid 1950's. Whilst I personify and interpret my memories of the burdens they carried due to the mores and expectations placed on them, I also explore my own inner landscape in relation to theirs as wives and mothers, inhabiting the past and the present simultaneously.

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  • Kitchen Sink

  • Yellow Coat

  • Party Dress

  • Car Window

  • Waiting

  • Green Dress

  • Stained Glass

  • Shutters

  • Ties

  • Queen

  • House Dress

  • Pink Flowers

  • Slip

  • First Aid

  • Inspector

  • Purse and Keys

  • Brooklyn

  • Daisy's Grill

  • Stone Wal

  • Stepping Off