Familiar Patterns

Jenny Bewer

2021 - Ongoing

What remains of you in me? What is imagination? What Reality?

How was my identity shaped by your experiences?

How do we differ? Where do we overlap?

In May this year my father died, all of a sudden, of Covid19.

Till today his death is hard to understand for me.

Everyone told me we have been so close, so similar. I found us so different.

Sometimes I wonder if the people haven't seen things right or if I don‘t see clearly.

My father was a very complex person who experienced a traumatic childhood in the former DDR. Until the end he was unable to speak about what happened to him.

I have often asked myself in which way his past and experiences shaped my life and my identity.

In the work - Familiar Patterns - I‘m researching these connections with photos I took over the last years but also with images of the familys archive. Also I work with text and collages to visualise the different layers of connections between family, history and memories.

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