About Jose Luis


José Luis Barcia is a photographer from Asturias, Spain. He was born in Pola de Siero and currently lives in Madrid; mainly interested in street and architecture photography made exclusively with iPhone. He has a degree in Chemistry and works as a logistics coordinator in an international distribution company.

His interest in art began when at the age of 13 he saw Picasso's Guernica for the first time, which struck him for its symbolism and meaning. He became interested in photography for the first time in 2003 and then began mixing it through digital techniques with different types of paint and materials, composing expressive collages.

In 2011 he began to take pictures with his iPhone 4 for pure fun, and quickly the mobile became an always accessible medium through which he could express his creativity. He began to publish his images in social networks and the reception was positive from the first moment, later the trips, exhibitions, and awards would arrive. Has been collaborating with Apple since 2014.


Mobile Photography Awards 2013: 1st place Architecture

Instagramers Gallery Day Prize 2014: 1st place

iPhone Photography Awards: 1st place Architecture 2013, 2nd Best Photographer of the Year 2014

Street Photography Photokup 2016, Barcelona: 1st place

Kokga Tbilisi Photo Awards (Georgia) 2017, Mobile One Shot: 1st place

London Street Photography Festival 2019, Series category: 3rd place

He has made 5 solo exhibitions in Spain and he has participated in more than 30 collectives in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Paris, London, San Diego, Toronto, NYC, San Francisco, etc.

He has given talks and workshops on photography at the Royal Photographic Society of Madrid, at the MOWO international congress, at the Alcobendas Art Center and at the Carlos III University, among others.

His photographs have been published in the digital editions of Time, Washington Post, CNN, The Guardian, Daily Mail, El País, GQ, Photographic Art, International Street Photography Magazine, Shooter Magazine, among many others.

Age 43
Nationality Spanish
Born in Pola de Siero, Spain
Based in Spain
Languages spoken English, Spanish
Specialisations Street Photography

Other Networks

Current Location: Spain