Javier Corso

2014 - Ongoing


This is the first chapter of NORDEN (long-term project), focussed on loneliness, emotional isolation, and sentimental repression in Finnish society. These problems go further when the people start drinking to fight against them. The excessive consumption of alcohol is present in more than half cases of suicide, homicide and gender violence. A problem rooted in Finnish society that causes, directly or indirectly, a huge number of deaths among the population. The consequences hurt a country well known for its high-quality life, surrounded by idyllic landscapes, cold and darkness.

In recent decades, the Nordic welfare model has become an example for many Western countries from both Europe and elsewhere in the world. Some even seek to imitate or adapt the panacea of its public policies within their own borders. The cross of St. Olaf present on all Scandinavian flags, or the eight-feathered swan used as the symbol of the Nordic Council, denote the strong feeling of brotherhood and cooperation between the Nordic countries. Although there are differential nuances, they all have a shared identity and common values, as well as close cultural and historical ties.

"NORDEN" is a long-term documentary project developed by OAK stories that seeks to address in depth all the contrasts and contradictions that are generated around countries popularly considered as idyllic. "Norden" is a Nordic term used not only to refer to this specific geographical area, but also as an allusion to cultural and social affinities among the countries of the region.

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