The secret world


2018 - Ongoing

Nobody likes Tomboys. And they do not like anyone. Except for the beautiful girls. They are like a secret society. Everything is known about Pattaya's nightlife. Not everyone knows what the girls who work in bars and go-go bars do after they have finished working. Around two o'clock in the morning in Pattaya open the Tomboys bars. Hidden from the tourists eyes, a hidden city comes to life. In the Tomboys bars, the girls go to choose a Tomboy and spend the night drinking and talking. Dance and kiss. To have sex, why not. A Tomboy is in fact a girl, lesbian, with the appearance of a boy. He dresses and behaves like a man. Toms loves beautiful girls and knows how to entertain them. Toms are paraded in front of the eyes of the customers and are coded with numbers, some have fixed customers, others have chat rooms with customers who have paid a drink online and just want to videocall. Around five o'clock in the morning these places are full, the girls order drinks and Toms always have a kind word, a stile ora a caress. An underground world closed to tourists and men who in these places are not well seen or can not enter. A world entirely dedicated to sex workers and women who after a long day spent in the company of foreign tourists want to enjoy a little entertainment. Or find the Tom boyfriend who can keep them economically or possibly marry them. Tomboys are a sure support for many girls with young children. Tomboys work hard and bring home money. Do not get drunk like men and do not beat. This is why they have become a viable alternative for many girls. My reportage, which lasted almost two years and is still ongoing, wants to show this hidden side of the LGBT world.

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  • 2 am. Tomboy bars open on the outskirts of Pattaya.

  • Numbers are assigned and customers can reserve Toms. Even Online.

  • A tattoo on the neck, a short haircut and a cigarette.

  • To make girls drink, Tom have a series of games to play. Loser pays a shot of tequila.

  • Toms parade in front of the customers. Just choose one to spend the night with. Talking and drinking.

  • After drinking with the customers, Toms go to pick up their ticket that marks the drinks at the table. It will be their pay at the end of the night.

  • A moment of pause to eat something or call the girlfriend at home.

  • It is six in the morning but it goes on until noon.