Once upon a father

Jalal Shams Azaran

2013 - Ongoing

Father was patient for 6 months in Tabriz-Iran where he was born, grown up and lived. He was not able to go to work anymore. He had no son but rather has five daughters. Delaaram is one of his daughters who took care of her father with her husband. They took him to their own house for more convenience in terms of cares. He could not speak and even look around. She was takegiver during this 6 months even changed his diaper. She feed and washed him. She was quite a religious woman who considered taking care of parents not due to the relationship but as a religious and divine duty. Father died and Delaaram took all funeral and mourning responsibilities alone.

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  • The last goodbye with his wife.

  • Father is sleeping in the mirror. There is Imam Ali’s name the Muslims’ Imam in the frame.

  • Delaaram is going to the cemetery, after burying her father for the last goodbye with him.

  • Dorna the smallest daughter is visiting her father in the bed. She lives in other city, Tehran. She has very short time to visit the father and then leaves to Tehran. She is patting the father to be forgiven. She prays to father get better.

  • Father is in restroom waiting for his daughter, Delaaram, to help him.

  • Father's body when is putting into the grave.

  • Father is in the bath. He was unclothed. He is waiting for his daughter to wash him.

  • It is snowy one day after the funeral ceremony. It is freezing. Father’s relatives come together again to pray for the sake of his spirit.

  • It is the last days of father. He could not speak and even open his eyes. He can just breathe. Down sun hits on his face through the window.

  • Father is not in the room any more. What left from father is a shirt on the hook, stick hanging behind it. His medicine on the table is another thing, and his memory that will remain forever in the room and Delaaram’s mind.

  • Father is buried on freezing day wrapped in white cloth that contains Quran’s verses.
    His friends accompanying with his relatives and daughters are gathering around his grave for the last farewell.

  • He is not any more. He has gone forever.

  • They are father’s relatives condolence each other.

  • Father has been spending for 6 months in this bed. He could not speak any word. He uses his hands and figures to communicate.

  • She is Delaaram, a daughter who has taken care of her father patiently and kindly. She is mourning. She shakes her relatives’ hands one by one to be relived.

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