About Turkey

Jalal Shams Azaran

2005 - 2016


It has been twelve years that I’m going to turkey for entertainment and taking photos and usually I finish my trips by visiting Istanbul, a city that I like very much. But this year turkey was very different. It was empty, languid and people were worried. I couldn’t see the Active and happy Istanbul of past years.

Recent bombings in Turkey have reduced the tourist numbers by 70% which is alarming, because, Tourism is the main income source of Turkey.

Hotels, restaurants and other tourism related jobs have been affected by this phenomenon. What I saw in turkey this year was only empty chairs and concerned faces of people. Even the economy of small cities and villages is suffering from these incidences. People of turkey are envisioning their government’s foreign policy because they believe that it is closely related to recent incidences.

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  • Metro station in Istanbul, Turkey. Writing on the billboard is about the 563. year of conquer of the Istanbul by Osmani government. President "Erdogan" called that resurgence.

  • People stand during the national anthem in Saimbeyli, Adana, Turkey.

  • Protesting of a student group for two of their friends that they in prison because of their political activity about free education in Beyoglu St. Istanbul, Turkey. On May 30, 2011

  • Arab tourists in Istanbul, Turkey.