x² + y² = 1²

Su Ji Lee

2017 - Ongoing

Brooklyn, New York, United States; Seoul, South Korea

[x² + y² = 1²] is a journey of exploring the dynamics between presence and existence, questioning the hierarchies of one another. With the constant debate of these two matters, the works lead to a visual representation of how the two support, harmonize and disturb. The physical space is initially presented yet the existence is questioned by the presence, and vice versa. Throughout the process, they are also able to surpass the boundaries of the physical space; the planar view to the three-dimensional. Questioning their physicality and entity in forms, the series of works are hopeful to meet new audience and allow to join their part of the universe.

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  • A Whole Hole, 2019

  • Untitled (Aerial), 2019

  • Full Gap, 2020

  • A Hole Has a Weight of the Whole, 2018

  • Observation I, 2019

  • Observation II, 2019

  • Vacuum, 2020

  • Blind Spots, 2018

  • Flight Risk, 2020

  • Suspension I, 2020

  • Suspension II, 2019

  • Portals, 2019

  • Portal On Air, 2017

  • Untitled (Proceeding Object), 2019