Thing Tectonics

Su Ji Lee

2020 - Ongoing

Brooklyn, New York, United States; Seoul, South Korea

We breathe in and out every moment but do not acknowledge breath as acquired air. Trees grow from the roots yet we witness their life and death from the branches. The earth rotates and the continents drift even when one is standing still. In Thing Tectonics, we turn our attention to the minute presence that we neglect to consider. The lexical definition of things becomes mute in this alternate context. By reconstructing the world with my own units of measure, the course of nature in things starts to hinder. With humor and hints of weightlessness, the project seeks empathy in the embedded order of beings.

What you witness here will never be untrue.

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  • For Being a Tree, 2021

  • Labor Light, Laser Sight, 2021

  • Vertigo, 2021

  • Moon Yolk, 2021

  • Untitled (Pendulum), 2021

  • Eye to Eye, 2021

  • String Theory, 2021

  • Three Touches, 2020

  • IFO (Identified Flying Object #2), 2021

  • Pointers, 2021

  • Landing, 2021

  • A Thing, 2020