Oasis: In our quarantine yard.

Irmina Walczak


“Oasis. In our quarantine yard” is a series created during 95 days of the confinement of my family in a Spanish countryside.

It explores the experience of social distancing in a rural area where space is widened but, at the same time, human presence is scarce. Especially for children, who don't go out and make the bars, the gate their window to the world. The contact with nature is intensified and a silence, leisure are filled by observing natural events. Simultaneously, the break with reality and its common rhythm, makes the imagination flourish. With the sunset, the restlessness, fear of death and concern for the world outside awaken. We all learn how to tame these monsters of the night and wake up light enough to appreciate the growth of our temporary vegetable garden. 

Through this work I aim to make visible an invisible experience - that of going through the Covid-19 quarantine far from a large city, in the rural area, in which contact with nature brings caress, but tension is enhanced by human absence, both visual and audible. I also want to shed light on the solidarity of those who helped us find our oasis and of all the others who, with their small gestures, improved the experience of the other in this difficult time.

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