Lost Freedom

Isabelle Thibault

2015 - Ongoing

I do photography for very personal reasons, which sometimes goes against the standards imposed upon us by the patriarchal North American society in which I have evolved.

I do photographs largely to release certain anxieties that sometimes take hold of me. But I also do it to go beyond the traditional role of the mother that I am. Because my children fascinate and frustrate me, amaze and irritate me, suffocate and liberate me. They allow me to create as much as they stifle my creativity.

My kids inspire me and make me laugh, but they also take up a lot of my time and energy. For one who is fueled by travel and freedom, they impose routine and stability. I love them, but there are times when I hate them just as much...

This confrontation of emotions is regularly present in me, like a fight between what is "good" and what is "bad". When this stifling feeling comes and goes, I want to flee the routine of mother and to go in search of spaces, in a nature which imposes neither expectations nor limits.

The cornerstone of my photographic approach is to tame the feeling of suffocation and the emotional duality that parenting brings to me. The choice of diptych was imposed on me to account for this state.

In this project, I parallel the nature that I perceive as a source of escape, mirroring the daily reality of my children, which keeps me attached. Because through them, I see my sorrows and my joys, my intoxication and my torments, and especially the freedom that inhabits them, compared to that which I no longer have.

Lost freedom

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