Praise of the living

Isabelle Chapuis

2015 - Ongoing

PRAISE OF THE LIVING is a work on body adornment as a symbolic system. In the anthropological sense of the term, finery functions as a coded language: like the coat of arms, it is a visual sign that gives a social information. Here I am interested in the most personal adornment, the one that is attached to the body and that cannot be without a skin: the natural adornment with which we come into the world and which changes as the years go by.

Since the dawn of time, men have noticed that there were intimate relationships between facial forms and traits of character, in the nineteenth and twentieth century research leads to the creation of morphopsychology. Body language expresses externally, part of what we are inside; acting in fact on how we come into contact with each other.

I feel close to Amerindian beliefs for which the common denominator between all forms of life is humanity, through this project I experience a form of spiritual unity, served by a body diversity, thus celebrating the rich and complex beauty of

the human body, carrying multiple messages.

Each model have been interviewed and recorded about the way they relate with their own natural adornment; how it impacts their inner essence and outside interection with the world. In an exhibition each picture would be shown in

relation with the intimate testimonie of the model.

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