Bending Galaxies Back

Izabella Provan

2015 - Ongoing

Izabella’s work invites the viewer into uncertainty. Filtering through abstraction, particles of light are collected to create temporary installations; images of the in-between. Anticipating the floating, distance, light—black holes and our eventual collapse. These are reactions that come from bending galaxies back.

Aiming to find connections between stillness, interpretation, and metaphor, events emerge in a sequence. Ripples become a curtain that conceals a galaxy. Figures appear to watch the night sky with gazes that drift to the other side, testing the waters and pulling context from subspace. Questions about our existence seem to be proven by impressions and surfaces.

But if you throw a stone and watch it sink, did you see its whole trajectory?

Utilizing black and white imagery, Izabella’s work pushes against the void. Finding pressure in contrast, tones, and textures we are met with moments on the edge. She captures pictures that are about conjuring images. Rendering things that cannot be seen. It has always been legerdemain to keep you guessing.

As if traveling through interstellar space, these investigations are looking for new perspectives. Mimicking nights spent searching for passages, wells of dark matter, gaps in the illusion. Everything is a placeholder for what is not understood.

By examining the contradictions of these gray areas, she collects scenes that inspect the middle ground in the presence of anticipation, the fear of the unknown.

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  • Depths, 2018

  • Low Well, 2020

  • Surface, 2015

  • Cheek Imprint, 2014

  • Submerge, 2017

  • Almost Floating, 2015

  • Night stared me in the face, 2019

  • Untitled, OBE, 2020

  • Ceilings will crumble, 2020

  • And whose mechanism generates despair, 2020

  • Floating, 2016

  • (of other worlds) we cannot grasp?, 2019

  • the cast net caught, 2020

  • re: labyrinth of dark passages (a portal to), 2020

  • Lip Imprint, 2014

  • Cut out of space, 2018

  • Backing Equilibria, 2020

  • Not a single star relieved, 2015

  • Seeking, 2015