Welcome to Intipuca City

Welcome To Intipuca City

2017 - Ongoing

El Salvador; Maryland City, Maryland, United States; Washington, D.C., United States


Intipuca, El Salvador, 2017

A collective project by the photographers Anita Pouchard Serra and Koral Carballo, with the journalist Jessica Avalos.

Welcome to Intipucá City is a collaborative transmedia documentary project that uses images, drawings, and words to reconfigure the imagery of Salvadoran migration to Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. Through past and present stories, it seeks to change the stigmatized image of Central American migrants by showing the complexity of transnational identities through life stories that present a trans-territory link between El Salvador and the United States.

By combining this documentation of domestic spaces with portraits, interviews, drawings and hand-written family trees drawn by Intipuqueños (names written in red for those living in the United States, and blue for those living in Intipucá), we encourage viewers to reflect on the drivers and consequences of migration for individuals and their families.

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