Ingha MAGO


I study video and photography in France, at « Les Arts Décoratifs de Paris», currently in 4th year.

I am the only black person from year 2 to 5.

I barely saw black people in my classmate’s videos and photographies.

In year 2, I felt completely stuck in my practice, too shy to take pictures of my black entourage.

I am the minority, thus I am invisible.

In year 3, I decided to self-heal by spending the entire year taking pictures of people who look just like me : young black females trying to create their path in a white world.

To create this series, I wanted to start from black, from an eye closed, and reveal our black feminin souls, from a darkside that no one wants to see.

I discussed and built the concept of each portrait with the woman that I photographed. Each of them suffered from descrimination and invisibility. Each of them suffered from a story that doesn’t belong to them but put wheight on their shoulders, through the color of their skin.

My friends and I shed the light on our mis-representation, on our under exposure.

1. Sum Guak, Artist.

2. Sophie, Physician.

3. Eden, Singer.

4. Sum Guak, Artist.

5. Séphora, Comedian.

6. Fallon, Artist, Performer.

7. Mawena, Artist, philosopher. 8. Olivia, Project manager.

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