Diary of a pandemic (sarar community)

Ila Coronel

2020 - Ongoing

Azuay, Ecuador



Something that strikes me is that many people in certain communities do not wear masks, perhaps 10% in San Antonio Sigsig.

However, the town remains a bit calm because in addition to all the bad things that happen because they are not supported by the government authorities, mayors, etc. and I say a little calm because fear is there but there is also the courage and the spirit that say it to the four winds without pride, perhaps knowing that they have worked hard to know their body and recognize their own diseases through their crops such as the tree tomato, you boil it in water and the hot shots for the sore throat or the nettle to calm some muscular pain.


They never wore a mask, a small percentage of the population does wear it, but who cares if the authorities, for the most part, care about our safety. They do not ask for alms, they only ask that they recognize with quality education for their children basic services to pave the dirt road and the transport deteriorates over time, the evolution does not arrive in time to their homes.


Things had to improve even without any contact, the Sarar community stands up strongly without having had a mental or physical problem, one of the questions that has hit me most emotionally.

The means to get to the nearest canton is the horse, said canton is a 2 to 3 hour walk, with the yellow light the transport has continued to work a little, without forgetting the corruption problems that our country Ecuador is experiencing.

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