Short Term Memories

idealita ismanto

2011 - Ongoing

I started this photo project in 2011, when I experienced the fear and unpreparedness of being a mother.

Through this work I reveal the emotional journey that was present when I started it. I tried all the things read in books and messages of parents about how to be a mother. but that was not enough. changes continue to occur which then creates a feeling of imperfection. why am I imperfect?

But the answer to why I'm not perfect is answered by time. that everything I learn must be done, so that it is not only a question and a burden on my mind, The experiences I go through every day are quite effective in reducing the sense of imperfection. I learned to be grateful for the many things I went through together. however, I realized that since giving birth to Nada, I had poor memory skills. Not wanting to go through all the memories with Nada, especially when we were out together so I started taking pictures as a reminder.

Apart from being a trail of what I have been through and creating a bonding relationship with Nada, I want to share the experience that apart from bad things there are always good things we can get. We just need to learn to look for it.

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