Ignacio Iturrioz

2014 - 2018


Ignacio Iturrioz´s work features the Palacio Salvo, the place where he lived for several years and a milestone in his life. However, as we dive deep into his quest, this fact becomes almost a trivial anecdote. The building is not photographed to be discovered or recognized, what drives the author is what is being kept in the Salvo, what is hidden and protected by the building.

Ignacio´s quest is based on what happens within those walls; his motivations are born from his own essence, from life experiences, milestones, from all those things that shake his notion of existence. It is at this point that his register moves away from the document to acquire its singular tone. We can now forget where we are; that is not relevant anymore, we may be in a large basement, in some kind of great beyond, a shelter inhabited by outcasts and free spirited-people, those that left on their own accord, those that will never give in.

And in that great beyond .... it will always be at night, and by reducing the landscape until it becomes a symbol, or through the intimate contact with the other, Ignacio builds his tragic poetry, his impulse seems to be, before anything else, the idea of finding himself through his work, his characters, in different environments and situations.

Black, blacker than black, Palanti could have said, as if we were trying to reach a bone, a place where darkness could cleanse, and from where the only possible way out is moving upwards. Ignacio´s work is gloomy, at first sight it might result hard, rough, even sordid at times. If all this happens, however, it is because he is trying to understand and accept all those things that are deeply human.

Pablo Guidali

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