Published on 31st July 2018


  • North point of the "The Rock" and view of Spain. Thousands of Spaniards along with British expats cross the border to work every day from the neighboring city of La Línea de la Concepción. The distance to the border is short but the time to pass over could be from minutes to hours, depending on the current political relationship between Spain and the UK

  • Sightseers look at Barbary macaques, the only wild monkey population in Europe

  • Grafitti tag in La Línea

  • Europa Point Lighthouse, the southern most point of Gibraltar

  • T-shirt seen on the 50th anniversary of the Referendum and the National Day of Gibraltar

  • Sign to the Gibraltar-Spain border

  • Kids in a rowboat

  • A man looks out from his balcony

  • View of the carpark by the beach

  • Macaque mother and child

  • Pigeons occupy The Gibraltar War Memorial, a First World War monument erected in 1923

  • A man sits on the rocks of the Catalan Bay, historically a fishing village settled by Genoese fishermen. Still today mainly Genoese descendants live there and it is also where the local fish is brought up to be sold

  • View of Jebel Musa, Morocco from Gibraltar. The Rock of Gibraltar is thought to be the Northern Pillar of Hercules while Jebel Musa is thought to be the Southern. The myth is that Hercules smashed through the mountain along the Mediterranean Sea through to the Atlantic - creating what was named later as the Strait of Gibraltar

  • Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Theresa May is seen in a video played in the celebrations of the National Day of Gibraltar

  • People pause for a picture while crossing the Gibraltar Airport airstrip, on their way to the Gibraltar-Spain border

  • Morning in Catalan Bay

  • Kids show off their baby tuna catch in Rosia Bay

  • A local celebrity and symbol of British patriotism (who did not reveal his name) celebrates every national day and other given opportunities - like after the announcement of Brexit - in the same attire. "People expect me to be here, you know" he enthusiastically told me

  • A Mini Cooper parked in Queensway Road

  • Crowds gather for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Referendum and the National Day


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