Black Madonna for President - Water and Earth

Ingrid Firmhofer

2017 - Ongoing

A simple but very common definition of feminism is "equality between men and women". But we don't want to be equal to men. We want

• to live our male characteristics like anger without being called hysterical or furious and assertiveness and ferocity without being classified as too masculine,

• the female values (Yin) to be appreciated again: sensuality, devotion, vulnerability, intuition, wisdom&age, and connection,

• that eroticism is seen as a sacred source of creation and creativity that takes place when Yin and Yang meet.

Connection means the connectedness of everything with everything, e.g. to nature, to men, to oneself and to one's own feelings, which are in the body. Capitalism separates using racism and sexism. The aim of the project is to create awareness to the toxic shame on these aspects. I devote this project to the women who are affected by both racism and sexism and to whom we owe sex-positive feminism: some black female dancehall and Hip Hop artists.

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  • "Shadow Traces; light and shadow, one not without the other.", Silke, Germany

  • "Water and earth", Silke, Germany

  • "Ancoring into Mother Earth", Denise, Teacher, USA

  • "Artemis is a great archer, with silver arrows that bring sweet death." Elvira, Body Therapist, Russia

  • "To feel the nature, the forest, the grounding, the body." masseur, Germany

  • "Connecting with the womb of mother earth", Freya, Poland

  • "I'm sensual in my shadows", masseur, Germany

  • "Mother earth, I feel you ...hold me", Nina, womb dancer, Germany

  • "Lost in the wonderfull sensation of touch", Nina, womb dancer, Germany

  • "When I watch, I can`t see ...when I feel the moment, I see it all." Nina, womb dancer, Germany

  • "Female power and the self are neither the denial of men nor the alienation of her strength. Female power is loyalty to oneself, one’s soul, body and its instincts.", Elvira, Body Therapist, Russia

  • Magic Forest; Women and Trees talking to each other

  • "Sensuality arrives and with it lust.... takes me with it and lets me move, experience myself with all my senses, feel myself... .", Andrea, Therapist, Germany

  • "The source of life and lust", Andrea, Therapist, Germany

  • "Sexual beauty attracts nature", masseur, Germany

  • "The third eye is no more sacred than the asshole." (Dane Tomas), Andrea, Therapist, Germany

  • "When it all comes down, you got to go back to Mother Earth", Nina, womb dancer, Germany

  • "Dancing smoothly to the melody" Sofia, Russia, Student

  • "Ok i let u publish it. Let it be my ´love my belly therapy´", Freya, Poland

  • "The only real freedom comes from accepting what is and loving it!" Petra, Czech Republic