Plastic Ecology

Irina Evseenko



Good day for everyone!

Thank you for the chance to show this work. Because it is very close to my heart!

It's a story about nature, that helplessly chokes in plastic. And have no ability even to breathe.

In my country there is no garbage sorting or big ecology zone. They build more and more plants without properly equipment. And we just live on a big plate of garbage and smoke. And not only Russia...

Actually, during this shoot we heard a sound of plastic inside the land and only then realised what it was. Absolutely covered with the grass there was a plastic bottle and we diged it up. It looked so heterogenous to the all nature. Seems the Eath wanted to digest it and had no power. So hopeless and so scary...

Maybe some day we'll stop thinking of conquest the Space. And focus on what we have here, on the Earth.

Best wishes. Irina

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