behind the cupboard

Irina Evseenko


Moscow, Russia

Good day to everyone!

When I was a little girl, living in a small flat in a small city, I was always dreaming that it must be a new interesting world there - behind the cupboard.

I was falling asleep looking on that cupboard and praying to become in this world in my dreams. And never come back.

It was the only place to escape from the criticism, from school and the music school. From my parents expectations to be the perfect and the most clever-beautiful-good girl. From endless comparison with all children around. And from this gray and beige dirty paper on the wall I was sleeping by.

I was dreaming about beautiful place where I can do whatever I want. I can be big or small. In a good or bad mood without any convictions. A place where even air is kind and warm to me. My own space behind the cupboard…

Decided to the all little girls and their secret places.

Sincerely yours, Irina.

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