Love has no color, gender, age, race or religion

Ingeborg Everaerd

2021 - Ongoing


As a white mother of two adopted colored children, a black son and an Asian daughter, I am familiar with prejudices. Remarks or behavior from random people, sometimes hidden, sometimes as blunt as can be. Showing ignorance or even disapproval of a picture that does not fit in their opinion what is supposed to be ordinary for them. As if one could only love what is supposed to be common.

Through this project I want to show that these prejudices do not stand in the way of love. People can love each other no matter what color, gender, age, race or religion the other person is or has. And by showing this project, I hope people will see this and be more considerate.

Especially for this project I used my vintage Polaroid SX 70 cameras. With these old cameras it is unpredictable how the picture will come out. Like you never know how people will react to a situation they are not familiar or agree with.

The Polaroids are scanned on high resolution and edited to some extent, but I left the damages and scratches on the pictures. Like how people could be damaged by frequent exposure to bluntness and disapproval.

I met many beautiful people during this project. Sometimes with very confronting stories. But feeling the strong love they feel for each other makes me want to continue this project.

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