Homeless Mature Aged Women

Helga Salwe

2019 - Ongoing

I would like to investigate the growing issue of homeless, mature aged women. I volunteer one afternoon each week with an organisation called WIRE-womens information referral exchange. I work as a phone counsellor and I am very concerned about the growing number of women fleeing violent relationships. There is very little support and resources available for these women. They are largely invisible because of the stigma surrounding homelessness. They often feel embarrassed, ashamed and surprised to find themselves in this situation.

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  • This picture of Rosie Sandy was taken in a remote indigenous community called Lajamanu in central Australia. This picture was published in a book titled 'Loud and Luminous' . The book was about young girls finding their strength and resilience. It was published in 2018.

  • This picture was taken in Lajamanu in 2016. These children were dancing amongst the embers after a ceremony in a remote Aboriginal community in Central Australia.

  • I began my career working for newspapers and magazines. I enjoyed working on photo essays, I always preferred long form documentary stories. This cover story was about the lack of funds our major children's hospital was experiencing.

  • This magazine story was about the women who were being assaulted and abused by they people who were meant to care for them. Women who sought safety in refuge's were experiencing further abuse.

  • I spent a couple of week's in Havana, Cuba documenting everyday and ordinary life.

  • Maria Hernandez suffers from a skin condition -Vitiligo. Which means she loses the pigmentation in her skin.

  • Children playing in the street in Havana, Cuba.

  • Pilgrimage to Rincon for the feast day of San Lazaro. Havana, Cuba

  • Sandstorm in the Sahara
    Sahara Desert, Morocco

  • The Berber of the Atlas Mountains
    The a series of images documenting the indigenous people of the Atlas Mountains.