Touching Pool

Honey Long Prue Stent

2018 - Ongoing

The earth is a big wet body, upon/ inside which there is an endless number of other wet bodies, containing there own set of wet bodies too.

Because they are wet, matter flows through and between them. They breath, eat, rub, kiss, excrete each other, locked in exchanges which mould and mingle their forms.

It’s a comforting thought.

What if there was a force that flowed between everything and connected us? Water? Love?

In ‘Touching Pool’ we turn our loving and also somewhat creepy gaze upon wet bodies and environments that stir something deep inside. These evocative moments and textures have been gathered from our ongoing practice of abstracting bodies and materials within environments. Condensed morsels, they provoke a host of feelings, oscillating between wonder, lust, joy, hunger, affection, love, repulsion and back again.

There is a ‘stickiness’ in these encounters that we feel speaks to the conflicted and estranged relationship we have with the so called ‘natural world’. Despite the fractures that exist, when one starts to string bodies and scenes together, these seemingly disparate things seem to sing to each other.

In ‘Touching Pool’ we propose a bridge, albeit a fraught one, attempting, through sensual appreciation, to connect with that which we long for.

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