Soft Edges

Honey Long Prue Stent

2018 - Ongoing


‘Soft edges’ is a collection of images taken alongside highways throughout Australia, exploring the uncanny nature of the road side.

Highways allow us to flow between cities without having to interact or be exposed to the environment we travel through. However if you stop they can become quite unsettling places. Trash, road kill, degraded landscapes. These scenes of discardedness archive the trauma being inflicted on the landscape. At the same time natural processes continue. Life and death rub against each other and you can see the way in which detritus is slowly digested and transformed. Shattered windscreens glitter like jewels in the sun, bodies become home to swarms of ants, blue green algae takes over when not much else can survive. We wanted to capture the luminous quality of these objects and spaces, recognising their need for greater reflection whilst celebrating natures ability to adapt and transform in the face of trauma.

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  • Dust Flood

  • Skeleton

  • Road Tide

  • Dunaliella Salina

  • Shimmer

  • Joy ride

  • Mineral Growth

  • Party

  • Algae Well

  • Banana Slug

  • Eye

  • Sea Foam

  • Calcified Lizard