Don't forget about a Fox

hitomi hasegawa

2021 - Ongoing

This series is a documentary work from a "personal perspective" that I proceeded with after discussing with a female journalist of National Geographic, who I met after participating in an international photo festival in Serbia.

I had been living in Thailand for the past ten years. Being in Thailand for my husband's work is not an unhappy thing. However, it is true that there is a tendency to feel peer pressure in the small Japanese community and to try to get everyone to go in the same direction. The language barrier, being a foreigner and feeling like you are living in a glass box. Then I came back to Thailand again this year, and four years ago I took up photography, and it changed my life. I realized that if I had a subject to photograph, I could get out of that glass box. One day I went to the zoo. It was a zoo on top of a department store, and there were flamingos roaming around. I was in front of the fox's room, amidst the sounds of tropical birds. Through the thick glass,

the fox was staring at me blankly. It was then that I remembered myself from ten years ago. Now I'm looking at the fox from the outside. But now I felt that I loved myself back then.

And in this work, I have added texts in English, Japanese, and Thai. I have always been convinced that I should write in English when I publish my work. The reason is that it is a widely used language. I have to ask myself why I made this assumption. I don't want to be a perfect speaker of another language. I live in the space between three languages. And there is a mixed language that is born from that, and that is what I am now. I feel that creations are born from the small mistakes and misunderstandings that arise in this process. Furthermore, I believe that the problem of the disparity between urban and rural areas in Thailand is also manifested in the language

.(* Exhibited with translation in Thai, Japanese, and English)

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  • Sunny sky, green , yellow , blue, and white.
    It is like I was in elementary school when I did not have anything to worry about.
    It is like feeling of Sunday afternoon, safe and satisfied.

  • Thai king’ s official name

  • The Thai guy told me that I can let him go after I spend 10 years with it.
    But you are still here. I hope you stay being happy. It was grateful really.
    There is nothing more honorable than being proposed by a tiger, don’ t you think?

  • Are you ready to depart? No! not yet!

  • And in the country I am about to live in, I am also someone who will go
    somewhere sooner or later. It is hard to say exactly why
    I have been photographing these people.
    However, I feel a sense of security in the absence of stability.
    That's what I'm trying to express.

  • Ah.. yeah I was shooting when I was riding a bike on the back sheat.
    It was a very hot day. I went a café sweating bad. It was closing soon.
    I felt sorry for them and asked for a bit expensive one.
    So I asked a drink decorated with orange and leaves.
    The leaves looked like fern.
    I checked the menu carefully and found that the drink was “Cannabis “ 
    oh no I asked for a drink with marijuana.

  • Don't forgret about a fox

  • The guy was staring at nothing.

  • My grandfather who passed away used to tell me
    " See, you are a kind of person who goes here and there all the time."

  • The taxi driver told me “Get off and you
    should take pictures here!”

  • Here---------
    Lets start a meeting----------
    We-----crows are------------
    By the crows--------
    For the crows------------
    Hurry !

  • Whose is the mother tongue? Why don't you speak Thai?