Moi, Lolita

Heidi Rondak


Berlin, Germany

The story "Moi, Lolita" shows an adult but still child-like woman passing her time on a romantic street that reminds of Paris. She is wearing elegant clothing, yet she's a little cheeky and untamed. She's a lolita who plays with the effects of her attractiveness.

Model Krista Tcherneva (ICONIC Management) interpreted the role in a very authentic way. Her small height fit the idea of a childish woman very well, while her expressions seem to be very real and approriate as well. She was elegantly styled by talented Konstantinos Gkoumpetis and her hair & make-up was done by Sven Ohlsen, who approached the hair styling in a very creative way by stitching it. Photo assistant was Ulrike Burrmann.

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