Heidi Rondak


Berlin, Germany

"Jasmine" is a fashion story that combines the heavy and the light. Bold red curtains are contrasting with bright fabrics, while detailed ornamental elements are getting broken by clean image designs.

Model Stella Klein from M4 Models embodies the exotic look in a very special way. Her slightly dark complexion, bright eyes, and freckles underline the white henna by Linda Mey and the styling by Veronique Helmschrott. The orange-toned eye make-up by Anne-Marie Wittchen creates a bridge between the reds and the whites. Headpieces partly covering Stella's eyes are meant to alienate the whole story and underline the heaviness given by the dark curtains. At the same time, the model is posing lightly using the hands very much like she's forming mudras. She reminded me of "A Thousand and One Nights“ which is why I called the story „Jasmine“.

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