Stranger Than Fiction

Heather McDonough

2010 - Ongoing

Stranger Than Fiction:

This series is taken from an unending project, each image an insignificance in the overwhelming cacophony of a young family growing, settling, shifting, aging over more than twenty years. It explores the vastness of life’s experience rendered into fragmentary moments, each as banal as the next and in their sheer volume they become devoid of context: detached memories that no longer record or document at all. A narrative remains, however, since the themes at the heart of family life are familiar to us all.

The images, then, represent a Museum of Innocence: the photographs as objects become the custodians of unfolding seasons, of loss and love. The images are loyal storytellers; the fallibility of memory is ours alone.

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  • glass daisies

  • Get well flowers from a friend

  • forgotten cucumber

  • Emma's thumb

  • postcard from a friend

  • army of caterpillers

  • hot sunshine and new glasses

  • mother and babies

  • self portrait in playground toilets

  • bright April sunshine

  • forgotten pepper

  • snow on high backed chair

  • first candyfloss

  • birdfeeders

  • Lorenzo and frog spawn

  • dead butterfly

  • sleeping cat

  • monument to charlie

  • laundry

  • body of a skateboarder