Siegfried Line:

Heather McDonough

2016 - Ongoing

This series of photographs and short story is the result of a collaboration with writer, David Harrison, near Macon, in the centre of France, in the summer of 2017. The experience prompted experimentation with light and colour in the immediate landscape, in the woods and on the banks of the River Soane. We explored the tentative and fragile nature of living near this river, which floods it's banks in winter and year-round, provides a specific habitat, for rare plants and wildlife. We also explore the idea of truth being stranger than fiction. the full text provides a tale of surprise, wonder and a lost parrot. There are 40 images in the series and we are in the process of making a short film including the stills with moving image and sound recordings made in the woods.


Siegfried Line:

(Excerpt from story)

Out at the trees, which—as the owner of three enormous hounds who is installed with his wife in a caravan at the end of site tells me—are destined for the match factory in Mâcon, a colossal orange slug, bright and dry, folding into itself as I approached and remaining stubbornly inverted, and a huge snail battling through the long grass, fleshy, searching with sprung stalks. Everywhere, nature to photograph and to record and simply to see, to be near, to become aware of. Down the lane towards the N6 and the busy railway line, a nimble shadow, and another, hopping out of the cornfield and gingerly across the road, then stock still. Small deer, statues, jet pebbles for eyes, and gone, disappeared from the world as we reached them. At the campsite pool, warm in end-of-season sunshine, a brilliant jade green frog scudding on the surface over the ripples. I tried to scoop it out but into darted into a filter outlet and it was gone forever. It was shocking.

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