Published on 15th February 2013

Malana: Cannabis Kingdom on the edge

  • Catcher in the rye.

  • Cannabis leaves are rubbed to extract its maximum oil content. After a thick layer of oil settles on the palm it is creamed off to form balls of hashish.

  • Though electricity, cable television and cellphones have made in roads, Malana still has an ancient look.

  • Hemraj lights up hashish joint next to his son. His wife was arrested and convicted a few years ago for drug trafficking.

  • A boy brings down a bird with his catapult.

  • Malana girls.

  • A ritual sacrifice to appease the village deity, who symbolically presides over Malana's governance.

  • Young girls eagerly anticipate for the wedding ceremony.

  • Early morning activities.

  • Boys playing on the rooftops.

  • September-October is the harvest season of cannabis during which women and children leave home to join men in the farms to make hashish.

  • A bride getting ready for her wedding.

  • Eight year old Neha prepares to go to school.

  • Marriages outside Malana were prohibited, though of late, people have started flouting the village's strict nuptial laws, which do not recognise marriages that take place outside the village. A bride is ceremoniously accompanied by a fire torch to accept gifts and blessings from the villagers.

  • Early morning in Malana.

  • Children get ready to go to school.

  • Boys gather around a fire for an evening meal on a hill side.

  • A woman wears sheep wool to sun dry it. Malana traditionally was a sheep rearing community until the lucrative business of cannabis farming overtook it three decades ago.

Malana: Cannabis Kingdom on the edge

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