Down the drain

Hahn Hartung

2016 - Ongoing

The work "Down the drain" (Original title in German: "Den Bach runter") combines two aspects.

In 2016 the german authorities released a statement that recommends all citizens to store food and water for at least 10 days. Fear of terror is widespread, the german society becomes more and more divided. One third of germans perceive it as probable that there could be a military conflict between the NATO and Russia in the near future while others believe a civil war is about to break out. The so called preppers stash food, some built bomb-shelters, others are arming themselves and the state is preparing the countries emergency services for potential catastrophes and crises.

In the meantime there is a special trend ocurring: Germans emigrating to Hungary due to their fear of a civil war and of foreign "infiltration". In the last few years many moved to the Balaton region, into a country that has closed its borders and does not hide its hostility to the EU. They are strangers in their new homeland where they are united in their conviction that they can observe Germany‘s downfall from a peaceful island.

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  • Street in a small village near Lake Balaton.

  • Prepper Mario near Hannover.

  • For many German immigrants a guarantee of security and order: The Hungarian border fence with Serbia.

  • The Polgárőrség, a Hungarian auxiliary police, is taking care of security in the villages

  • Weapon sold on the website migranten- (German for migrantshock). It
    was confiscated during a raid in 2017
    in Brandenburg.

  • Amateur Radio Enthusiasts. They aim to
    maintain communication in case of an emergency.

  • Book with the title "Europe about to crash"

  • "You won't find any muslims here"
    Ottmar Heide (right) is a real estate agent and has lived at Lake Balaton since the nineties.
    Since the influx of migrants to Germany in 2015 the demand for Real estate at Lake Balaton in Hungary has risen enormous, according to him.

  • Magazines and newspapers, including the German "BILD" with the title "Our Society is going down the drain

  • "I'm watching the downfall of
    Germany from the outside and
    am thankful that I can live in Hungary in peace
    and without fear ”- Marliese

  • Exercise of the THW. On the German-Danish

  • Private Anti-terror training in Wannsee, Berlin.

  • "Enjoying the retirement and freedom carefreely"

    - Udo, since 2016 at Lake Balaton

  • Emergency training in Wesel, northern Germany.

  • Prepper Mario and his wife.

  • Private Anti-terror training in Berlin.

  • Survival Training in a forest in Brandenburg, Germany

  • "I assume that there is going to be a civil war in Germany in the foreseeable future."

    - Ralf Herriger, since 2016 at Lake Balaton

  • Lake Balaton